Want to keep your roof looking and working great?

Here are a few things to do keep your roof going for its full life:

For Asphalt Shingle Roofs:

-Clean gutters and downspouts to enable water to flow freely.

-Inspect your roof for shingle lifing. If the shingles begin to curl, call All City Exteriors for a free inspection.

-Remove moss from the roof.

-Inspect the roof for any missing, cracked, or broken shingles.

-Inspect the flashing around chimneys for leaking.

-Inspect the valleys for holes or rust if steel.

For Rubber Roofs:

-Inspect rubber roof for deep cracking.

-Inspect roof for peeling joints.

At All City Exteriors we advise our Wisconsin clients to keep an eye out for potential problems. Understanding the condition of your roof will help you extend the life of it. If you are facing a roofing problem, call a professional for a roof quote. For a roof consultation and free roof estimate contance a Madison roofing contractor with extensive industry knowledge to conduct a professional roof analysis.

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